Sellers Main Street 200k Net Profit Min

Sellers, Main Street


We have many Registered Buyers, all of whom have documented that they are Accredited Investors as defined by the SEC. Our Registered Buyers also have a minimum Credit Score of 800.

We are interested in Quality Businesses in the following areas:

  • Pizza and Pizza Restaurant

  • Hair Salon/Day Spa

  • Auto Repair and Auto Body

  • Bagel-Deli-Coffee

  • Laundromats, Dry Cleaners, Print Shops, Landscaping, Businesses, Cleaning Services, Staffing Companies, Car Washes, Medical/Dental/Legal/Accounting Practices, as well as any other high quality Main Street Businesses with a history of increasing revenues and profit.

Our buyers are looking for Businesses that NET at least $200,000, after taxes, and including the expense of a full-time Manager. For example, if your Business nets $230,000 after taxes, and you, as owner, are the Manager, we would deduct $50,000 for the cost of a full time Manager, and treat your Business as one that nets about $200,000 (depending on tax rate). Our Investors typically acquire packages of 3 (minimum) to 10 such Businesses.


If this describes your Business, please download and complete the spreadsheet below.


Click here to download Initial Seller Registration Form, Main Street

When completed, please fax to 516-247-5555, or scan and email to