Investors Main Street 500k Min (plus Fees)

Investors, Main Street

If you have at least $500,000 liquid (plus fees), and want to earn up to a 30% cash-on-cash return, our Main Street Investment Program will be of interest.  Investments between $500,000 and $999,999 will earn a 25% cash-on-cash return, and Investments of $1,000,000 and up will earn a 30% cash-on-cash return.

To appreciate the significance of these numbers, here is what the Year-End balances would be for a $500,000 OR a $1,000,000 Investment, assuming all returns were re-invested:

Year 1: $625,000 OR $1,300,000

Year 2: $756,250 OR $1,615,000

Year 3: $894,063  OR $1,945,750 (nearly DOUBLE the amount Invested!)

Year 4: $1,038,766 OR $2,293,038

Year 5: $1,190,704 OR $2,657,690

Year 6: $1,350,239 OR $3,040,574 (more than TRIPLE the amount Invested!)

Our Program involves the purchase of 3-10 Businesses, concentrated in one of the six Areas:

Pizza and Pizza Restaurant, Hair Salon/Day-Spa, Auto Repair/Auto Body, Bagel-Deli-Coffee, Landscaping Businesses, Flooring Businesses

Customized:  Could include Laundromats, Dry Cleaners, Print Shops, Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaning Services, Staffing Companies (especially IT and Health Care), Car Washes , and Medical/Dental/Legal/Accounting Practices, including Urgent Care Businesses.  Inquire if interested in any other type of business.  Cash-on-Cash returns variable.


  • We will buy a group of Businesses with just $100,000 down ( or 20% down, whichever is larger) per Business, with the remainder financed by the Seller, or in a small number of cases, a bank or commercial loan broker.
  • We then Manage the Businesses for maximum efficiency, and pay you the agreed-upon returns. We focus on Businesses with a history of consistently increasing revenue and profit.
  • You must have perfect credit and a minimum of $500,000 liquid (plus fees) to participate in this Program.
  • Note: You must be an accredited Investor to work with us, which means:

    You must have a NET worth of over $1,000,000 (not including Primary Residence) OR  an annual income of $200,000 ($300,000 if married) for the past 2 years, with the reasonable expectation that this will be true in the current year. 

  • We only work with Accredited Investors, and you must agree to indemnify us if your representation is mistaken or fraudulent.

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