Investors Wall Street ($2MM Minimum, plus Fees)

Investors, Wall Street



If you have at least $2MM liquid (plus fees), and want to earn up to a 35% rate of return, our Wall Street Investment Program will be of interest.This Program works best if you have perfect credit, as it does involve leveraging your Investment.

Our Program involves the purchase of a quality Business with a net profit of at least $2MM, Acquired with leverage, and Managed by SanctaFide Business Management Services LLC. We are able to provide a rate of return of up to 35% annually (Cash-on-Cash).

Ideal Scenario:

Year-End balances assuming all returns Re-Invested (assuming $2MM Investment):

Year 1: $2,700,000

Year 2: $3,645,000

Year 3: $4,920,750 ( nearly TRIPLE the amount Invested!)

The Great Success of our Program depends on our skill and tenacity in locating Businesses with a history of consistently increasing revenues and profits. While the theory is not advanced, the execution is very difficult for anyone else to duplicate. Our staff of MBAs from Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, etc. sort through thousands of prospects to find the perfect match for you. We also spend dozens of man-hours of due-diligence, including the hiring of outside appraisers, to make sure you are buying what is represented.

Note: You must be an Accredited Investor to work with us, which means:

1. You must have a NET worth of over $1,000,000 (not including Primary Residence)


2. An annual income of $200,000 ($300,000 if married) for the past 2 years, with the expectation that this will be true in the current year. 

We only work with Accredited Investors, and you must agree to indemnify us if your representation is mistaken or fraudulent.

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