About Us

SanctaFide M&A Financial Advisors LLC, established by Dr. M. Fikar (Managing Partner) and Associates in 2011, is rapidly becoming a major player in both the Main Street and Wall Street (M&A) arenas. We are co-headquartered in Manhasset, NY (Long Island) and Greenwich, CT (Fairfield County), with a strong presence in the New York,  Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco Metro Areas.

Dr. Fikar was previously a Managing Partner at MicroCap Brokerage in Philadelphia, PA.  While there, he completed dozens of Main Street deals and a handful of M&A transactions.  While there, he also hired the first several of what would become a large group of Wharton MBAs who assist him at SanctaFide and its subsidiaries. Though he is trained as a Mathematical Physicist, he has spent most of his life as an Educator, specifically for the SAT, GMAT, and other Standardized Tests.  He is considered one of the top SAT Instructors in the entire country, earning $800/hour and up for his Services.  His clientele is literally international, including many students in China and Korea whom he teaches via Skype.  The Programs SanctaFide offers are based on the lessons Dr. Fikar himself  learned while investing his own money.  Dr. Fikar combines his investment experience with his passion for Mathematics and Finance to develop the Investment Programs that SanctaFide Offers.

Our key strategy is attracting Quality, liquid investors, and then acquiring Companies that fit their strategic goals, with options for investors to play Limited Partner Roles (with SanctaFide as General Partner), or for investors to be General Partners, with Sancta-Fide becoming a Limited Partner. We have all the necessary expertise to help Foreign Nationals become US Citizens, through the EB-5 Program ($1MM Minimum Investment).

Most importantly, by our skill and tenacity in locating Businesses with consistent, increasing sales and profits, we are able to provide limited guarantees of 25-30% cash-on-cash return to Main Street Investors, and up to 35% cash-on-cash return to Wall Street Investors. 

Our due diligence Programs are beyond rigorous.  For each agreement entered into, we must sort through thousands of businesses that we contact via phone and email, and then personally visit the hundreds that remain and perform thorough due diligence, including examining the federal, state, and sales tax returns, profit and loss statements, credit card statements, and all the invoices from their wholesalers and distributors.  Through this massive sifting Program, we are able to locate the 3-10 businesses that meet all of the requirements for any given agreement.

Because of our large group of Accredited Investors, we are able to sell quality Main St. and Wall St. Businesses quickly, thus serving our Sellers better than anyone else possibly can.

SanctaFide currently owns, beneficially owns, or manages Main Street and Wall Street Businesses with 2016 sales of more than 650 million dollars. Our goal is to achieve one billion dollars in annual sales by the year 2019 and 2.5 billion by the year 2025.

While we consider ourselves a National Practice, our focus is primarily on the Metropolitan Areas of New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Our subsidiaries include Commercial Finance, Insurance, Business Management, and Property Management.